She had seen so much in her short life.  Some incredible things; some terrible things; some life altering things.  She had lived her life through books.  Escaping to a world of fiction, where hopes and dreams were reality.  The words of others made her dream of a world of endless possibilities.  Of so many things she wanted to see; do; experience.  She failed to see limits and thought they were made as an excuse by those who felt the need to quit.  Because in the world of fiction – no limits existed.

So when life became unfair, she escaped to the words to find beauty again.  For while she was a part of that world, the world around her seized to exist.

It was her escape.  Her retreat from the negativity.  It was where she found solace.

Her love of the written word helped build and shape her.  It gave her knowledge and that, she knew, was the strongest weapon against this crazy thing called life.  The more we were armed with; the more powerful we became.  Nothing was out of reach.  No experience; no opportunity.  It was all hers for the taking – should she want it.

So she persevered.

Proving the world she was stronger than anything she went up against.  She stumbled; she fell, but she always found her way back up.  She had bruises; she had scars, but none that didn’t heal.

She was fearless.  She was a fighter.  She was a survivor.




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