Meet Tonya

By day I’m a full time student at Memorial University and by night I’m a shoe fanatic and photographer.

I have been blessed with an incredible man who supports me through each and every crazy thing I tend to toss on my schedule (which is usually A LOT) and who loves me enoughfile-2016-10-10-10-52-30-am to laugh, cook and even clean his way around while I’m lost in thought at the computer.  I’m the best friend to a woman who is my polar opposite; ying to my yang and simply the sister I never had.  I am the aunt to two amazing little (or not so little) people who I can always depend on to make me laugh on even the worst of days.

I am a shoe fanatic, collector and down right hoarder (not like the television show!).  I am a stress snacker (not eater) and when I say snacker I mean chocoholic.  I am a Pinterest addict and could live with HGTV and The Food Network as my only television channels.  I adorefile-2016-10-10-11-16-36-am books and tend to use them as my escape from my crazy world, when I can no longer push my body to the extremes of my self inflicted schedule.  I rarely have down time and like it this way.  I love life and push myself to experience as much as possible.

I am a blogger.  I love to write and sometimes ramble.  You will see that my posts will vary greatly as I use this to share who I am, not only as a photographer, but as a woman.  I will share my work, great books I’ve read, my little fur baby Miss Abby and chances are I will ramble about wedding plans and things that happen throughout my day.  Essentially – welcome to my life.  It’s one giant open book – the good, the bad and the ugly.



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