One Of My Favourite Toys

With smart phones, compact cameras, and access to DSLRs - we are never without a way to snap a photo of whatever strikes our fancy.  As a child who grew up sneaking her mother's 110 camera to take photos of random things around the house, I can't deny my love of all things photography.  And … Continue reading One Of My Favourite Toys

Calling All Creatives

You've had this idea floating around in your mind for quite some time.  Maybe it's a business venture you've been dreaming of, but have no idea where to start.  Maybe you're looking to boost your website, but don't have the money in the budget for a professional graphic designer.  Maybe you've been trying to record … Continue reading Calling All Creatives

Joyeux Anniversaire Moi Un Mini!

Ahh kid you're killing me. 14. No longer the dancing, singing little princess I could squish with a hug. No. Now you stand taller than I am, with a wardrobe I could borrow from!  It's okay to slow down a little, you know.  I feel as though we're all going to miss your teenage years if … Continue reading Joyeux Anniversaire Moi Un Mini!

Happy New Year

I won't sugar-coat it; I was pretty damn excited to see the clock strike midnight last night.  I have been ever so anxious to put 2016 behind me.  Turn the page, close the entire damn book - just forget all about it for a bit.  But waking to a beautiful sunrise, fresh new year on the calendar and the … Continue reading Happy New Year

2016; You Have Been Incredible

Oh 2016. Where to begin. At this point, I would normally be doing up a post on all of the things I've accomplished; goals I've conquered; a year in review.  This year, I'm going to do it a little differently.  Gone are the illusions to a picture perfect year. Let's get real for a minute. … Continue reading 2016; You Have Been Incredible

Thank You & Goodnight

From the time I entered school, at the age of 5, I was entranced in everything.  School was by far my favourite place to be - no, I'm serious!  I dearly loved my teachers, ate up the work and thrived.  Twice, my teachers approached my mom about pushing me ahead a grade - twice she … Continue reading Thank You & Goodnight

As Fall Unfolds

I've had SO many messages as of late, wondering if it's too late to book Fall sessions. NO!  No, it's definitely NOT too late! Granted we live on a little island in the Atlantic Ocean, but Fall comes late here.  I walked my more popular session locations this past weekend - they're still GREEN!  Leaves … Continue reading As Fall Unfolds

Creating Traditions; Creating Community

To say that Christmas was a huge deal in our house would be a gross understatement.  It was typical 80s/90s holiday cheesiness in all its glory.  Foil streamers covering the ceilings from corner to corner, can 'snow' sprayed in various shapes that were supposed to mimic a theme, but that never quite made it, on … Continue reading Creating Traditions; Creating Community

Calling All Brides & Grooms-To-Be

Are you a bride-to-be on a budget? Who am I kidding, I'm a bride-to-be and I'm convinced we're all on a budget - big or small.  Am I alone in hearing "cha ching" a whole lot?  I feel sometimes that my dream wedding would require a winning lottery ticket or half a decade to pay … Continue reading Calling All Brides & Grooms-To-Be

What Comes Next?

It's been in the making for some time. Vic has known it.  Cindy has known it.  The doctors knew it.  Everyone knew - I stayed in denial.  Head securely buried in the sand - glorious ignorance.  Well not really.  I seen it; I just sadly decided to ignore it. This morning at 9:30am I officially … Continue reading What Comes Next?