These Green Walls

I popped the cover on the can of primer and began painting the hallway of our apartment today.  He didn't want me to paint, I knew it.  But I've been on Pinterest a little too much lately and was determined to give our home a facelift. "Ugh, I hate painting." Which he totally does and … Continue reading These Green Walls

New Trend in Wedding Planning

"In every disagreement with your spouse, remember that there is not a winner and a loser.  You are united in everything, so you will either win together or lose together.  Work together to find a solution where you both win" - Dave Willis If you're newly engaged and just beginning with the plans for your … Continue reading New Trend in Wedding Planning

Calling All Creatives

You've had this idea floating around in your mind for quite some time.  Maybe it's a business venture you've been dreaming of, but have no idea where to start.  Maybe you're looking to boost your website, but don't have the money in the budget for a professional graphic designer.  Maybe you've been trying to record … Continue reading Calling All Creatives

100 Days of the Holidays

Yes, you read that title right. The original plan was to include a well laid out "100 Days of Christmas", because - well I adore Christmas.  But after countless hours spent brainstorming and scheduling posts, I thought it quite unfair to the other incredible holidays coming up within the next three months to focus solely … Continue reading 100 Days of the Holidays

2015; You Have Been Amazing

As a child we all dream of what we'll be as a grown up.  Many of us change our minds several times; the lucky ones know in their hearts all along.  I have large student loans that would prove I suffered from self doubt.  Can I really make this work?  In an industry that is … Continue reading 2015; You Have Been Amazing

Our Home – Work in Progress!

It's my sanctuary.  My little bubble away from the crazy 'real world'. I've been working on making our apartment a place that screams us. A place where we could utilize every nook and cranny.  So far I've managed to do that, but it's still stuck at about 90% done. Almost two years ago I took the Summer off and … Continue reading Our Home – Work in Progress!