Goodbye 31; Thank You.

As I get ready to close the door on 31, I can't help but pause and wonder how I managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other some days.  It was a hard year, but it was one of exponential personal growth. It was the year I learned that my mental health … Continue reading Goodbye 31; Thank You.

Finding A Happy Medium In Tradition

A few years ago we decided it was time to shake up our holiday traditions some and I have to say, I couldn't be happier.  I was beginning to dread the holidays - the shopping; the cooking; the hosting; the cleanup - not to mention the million little things that go into preparing or each … Continue reading Finding A Happy Medium In Tradition

My Birthday Wish

I'm aiming to make this year's birthday a little different, in a huge way, and I'm reaching out to my friends and family to help me. Three years ago, partly do to with health issues, my bucket list began to grow, but more than that, I began to focus on experiencing the things I was … Continue reading My Birthday Wish

He Said He Didn’t Do

He said he didn't do Valentine's Day. The flowers, jewelry, and giant valentine in the form of chocolate chip cookie said he did. He said he didn't do romance. The peanut butter pancakes in bed, heart shaped pizza made by hand, and massages to ease the pain said he did. He said he wasn't good … Continue reading He Said He Didn’t Do

Happy New Year

I won't sugar-coat it; I was pretty damn excited to see the clock strike midnight last night.  I have been ever so anxious to put 2016 behind me.  Turn the page, close the entire damn book - just forget all about it for a bit.  But waking to a beautiful sunrise, fresh new year on the calendar and the … Continue reading Happy New Year

When Happy Birthday Just Won’t Do

How do you simply wish a woman a Happy Birthday who sat with you through the whirlwind that's been  your life for the last (almost) two decades? You don't. A woman who was your constant support through your mom's breast cancer while you both stumbled your way through high school, needs a little more than … Continue reading When Happy Birthday Just Won’t Do

Top Ten Christmas Movie Must Sees

When I first met Vic; I'm sure he thought I was crazy.  It would be the middle of July, blazing hot outside and I would be popping a Christmas movie in the dvd player. "Seriously Tonya?" Yup! From a girl who has a larger collection of Christmas movies, than any other genre (you know they're … Continue reading Top Ten Christmas Movie Must Sees

Thanksgiving: Chapter 31

The turkey is eaten and the table is all cleared away.  There are stacks of dishes waiting to be washed and food awaiting storage containers.  It was a day of great company, delicious food and laughter that made my sides hurt. It was Thanksgiving at our place. Today is a day I hardly mind spending … Continue reading Thanksgiving: Chapter 31

Creating Traditions; Creating Community

To say that Christmas was a huge deal in our house would be a gross understatement.  It was typical 80s/90s holiday cheesiness in all its glory.  Foil streamers covering the ceilings from corner to corner, can 'snow' sprayed in various shapes that were supposed to mimic a theme, but that never quite made it, on … Continue reading Creating Traditions; Creating Community

100 Days of the Holidays – Anxious Decorators

You see the treats everywhere. Holiday pop-up stores are now open for business; simply bursting at the seams with home decor and costumes in all styles and sizes.  Everyone is starting to whisper the age-old question, "Who/what should I be this year?" Some believe that Halloween is a holiday meant for tricks and treats.  The … Continue reading 100 Days of the Holidays – Anxious Decorators