One Of My Favourite Toys

With smart phones, compact cameras, and access to DSLRs - we are never without a way to snap a photo of whatever strikes our fancy.  As a child who grew up sneaking her mother's 110 camera to take photos of random things around the house, I can't deny my love of all things photography.  And … Continue reading One Of My Favourite Toys


For months I've wanted to share this post.  To share my story.  But for several reasons, I couldn't bring myself to.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to have my utmost vulnerable moments ripped open for the world to see and judge.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to expose my thoughts and feelings the … Continue reading #getloud

Happy Mothers Day Wishes For The Mother-in-law I’ll Never Meet

Tomorrow I'll stop by and silently wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  A woman I've never met. I'll offer up, yet again, a silent thank you and many thoughts of appreciation to you -- my soon-to-be mother-in-law.  I'll tell you how much I love and adore your son, though it's quite impossible to put into … Continue reading Happy Mothers Day Wishes For The Mother-in-law I’ll Never Meet

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

So you've said yes to their proposal and are now knee deep in vendor options.  Where do you begin?  How do you sort through the mess without missing out on the essential details? A wedding planner! You need something to keep you on track.  Both for your sanity and for your budget.  There are so … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

Surviving the Wedding Plans

The night he asked me to be his wife; I was floating.  For the weeks and even months that followed; I was still floating.  I soaked up everything imaginable.  Bridal magazines; hours scouring Pinterest; bridal shows - you name it; I did it. I was so excited. But things didn't go as I had dreamed … Continue reading Surviving the Wedding Plans

My Beautiful Mess

I have wanted to revamp the blog for quite some time now.  I had a vision in mind, but making that vision come to life was proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  I priced graphic designers - way out of my budget.  I tried to recall coding - but realistically who can … Continue reading My Beautiful Mess

Cougar Memorial Hockey Tournament

When my nephew began playing hockey several years back, I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  Then my sister-in-law became a hard core hockey mom and I thought it was hilarious.  She was a cheerleader growing up and I swear it's in her blood; quite literally a part of who she is.  But more … Continue reading Cougar Memorial Hockey Tournament

Calling All Creatives

You've had this idea floating around in your mind for quite some time.  Maybe it's a business venture you've been dreaming of, but have no idea where to start.  Maybe you're looking to boost your website, but don't have the money in the budget for a professional graphic designer.  Maybe you've been trying to record … Continue reading Calling All Creatives

Cabin Fever

You guyssss! We have been held up in the apartment since Monday afternoon and I'm about to pull my hair out!  I'm not saying I was bored so much as feeling the cabin fever set in - like big time. In the last 48 hours we were under a blizzard warning.  It was a nasty … Continue reading Cabin Fever