100 Days of Summer

The warm weather has finally arrived (where I live anyway!) and the school days are quickly running out, which can only mean one thing -- summer vacation is almost here! Wondering what you're going to do to fill those long, lazy summer days? I've compiled a list of 100 family-friendly activities to help fill your … Continue reading 100 Days of Summer

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

So you've said yes to their proposal and are now knee deep in vendor options.  Where do you begin?  How do you sort through the mess without missing out on the essential details? A wedding planner! You need something to keep you on track.  Both for your sanity and for your budget.  There are so … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

New Trend in Wedding Planning

"In every disagreement with your spouse, remember that there is not a winner and a loser.  You are united in everything, so you will either win together or lose together.  Work together to find a solution where you both win" - Dave Willis If you're newly engaged and just beginning with the plans for your … Continue reading New Trend in Wedding Planning

My Beautiful Mess

I have wanted to revamp the blog for quite some time now.  I had a vision in mind, but making that vision come to life was proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  I priced graphic designers - way out of my budget.  I tried to recall coding - but realistically who can … Continue reading My Beautiful Mess

He Said He Didn’t Do

He said he didn't do Valentine's Day. The flowers, jewelry, and giant valentine in the form of chocolate chip cookie said he did. He said he didn't do romance. The peanut butter pancakes in bed, heart shaped pizza made by hand, and massages to ease the pain said he did. He said he wasn't good … Continue reading He Said He Didn’t Do