Goodbye 31; Thank You.

As I get ready to close the door on 31, I can't help but pause and wonder how I managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other some days.  It was a hard year, but it was one of exponential personal growth. It was the year I learned that my mental health … Continue reading Goodbye 31; Thank You.

My Birthday Wish

I'm aiming to make this year's birthday a little different, in a huge way, and I'm reaching out to my friends and family to help me. Three years ago, partly do to with health issues, my bucket list began to grow, but more than that, I began to focus on experiencing the things I was … Continue reading My Birthday Wish


Meet Lauren. A beautiful, cheeky little girl who dearly loves to people watch and has a soft spot for my favorite candy. It was a fun filled afternoon, crazy disturbed ant hill aside, capturing the beginning of her toddler years.  Her little personality shinning through as she ran, giggled and charmed me silly. I so … Continue reading Two