World Book Day: Children’s Books

This may just be my largest/longest post in this mini series.  As a child there wasn't many times I was caught without my nose in a book.  I would have to be told several times to leave it away from the dinner table, I would take it in the bath with me, the car, shopping … Continue reading World Book Day: Children’s Books

Being Childless at 30

Having children was never a foregone conclusion for me.  It was one of those things I kept putting off in favor of the freedom to live my life as it was. The thing about choosing to put off the baby talk until your 20's are over, is the fact that all of your friends are … Continue reading Being Childless at 30

Fashion Favs: Baby Power!

Am I the only one that is in for a lot of baby showers this Spring/Summer??  Every week I feel as though someone else is announcing their precious little bundle's pending arrival.  It's so exciting, and there's no better excuse for a get together, than to celebrate a new baby.  The Mom-to-be is positively glowing, … Continue reading Fashion Favs: Baby Power!

The Baby Battle Continues

I have SO much sympathy for those who are actively battling infertility and even more who have been battling for years. You guys are truly amazing. I haven't really discussed fertility that much with doctors, but it has recently come up with my new endocrinologist.  She discovered a note on my file made by my … Continue reading The Baby Battle Continues


Motherhood: a struggle at every stage. For several years I was asked when I was going to have children.  The assumption slowly turned to never.  For me, it was a personal decision I wasn't prepared to make, nor did I think I should have to.  At 20; 25; 28; 30 even.  Children are a lifelong … Continue reading Motherhood