Spring Reading List – Going Against ‘The Rules’

When I switched my major to English, I was so ignorant to the unwritten rule. I mean, it’s not like you were handed a memo . . .

I was the girl who brought a store bought dessert to the party. The one who ate carbs and enjoyed a diet soda without shame.

The one who was met with ‘the look’ while she sat in the Arts atrium reading before class, but without the foggiest idea of why. You know the one – when everyone seems to be staring at you and you return their stares with a shoulder shrug and, “What??”.

The unwritten, unspoken rule of English students?

You are only supposed to read from an unpublished list of pre-approved authors.

So how does someone know which authors are kale salad and water and which are pizza and diet soda??

You play the English Lit version of roulette.

Not really, but it’s a trial and error type game. You learn fairly quickly that the approved authors – for the most part – are no longer breathing. They’re classified as ‘classics’ and given the stamp of approval simply because so many people before us, said so. Not because we necessarily enjoy their work or even appreciate their writing style – nope.

The remaining approved authors – the ones who are still breathing that is – are obscure and not that well known.

It’s a weird world, the English faculty. Lordy. It is not for the faint of heart. There are no right or wrong answers – but really, there are. Inclusion does not exist – though you’ll read about it. Subjectivity is accepted on tentative grounds – though you study an art form.

There is no rhyme or(nor) reason to the study of English – literature or language.

It took me finishing my English major to shake free of the ridiculous notion that enjoying a certain genre would somehow dumb me down. Damn it, I missed reading romance novels from the 21st century! I missed snagging the newest Sandra Brown thriller and losing myself in it right to the very last page.

And dare I say it?

I hated Pride & Prejudice. I know, I know – blame it on Mrs. Bennet! (PS. I don’t hate all of the classics, so breathe easy fellow EMs and classic lovers!)

So what does this rebel have on her spring reading list??

None of these gems are new releases. There are a few newbies I’m waiting on, but our current lock-down status has me finally making my way through a very large TBR (to be read) stack . . . or mountain . . .

What beauties do you guys have lined up for this spring or what have you been enjoying during the pandemic?

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