Spring Fashion Favourites

I need shares in H&M.

No joke!

I’m absolutely in love with their new spring arrivals and despite 2020s lock-down status, I’m excited to refresh my wardrobe. Over the last two years, I’ve started to invest in my closet – straying away from following trends and opting instead to buy solid staples and it’s been a game changer!

I used to purge every spring . . . and fall. It would be a week long ordeal of weeding through every single space in our home. Vic will never admit it, but we were the ultimate consumers. We used to own so much stuff! We still own a lot of things, but not to the same degree. We have both adopted a quality over quantity philosophy and no longer feel the need to replace the things we get rid of – a-friggin-men!


This girl still loves her books and clothes. Here are some of my favourite pieces for spring. If you notice an earth tone trend here – you’re not wrong!

leggings | green cotton top | white 3/4 sleeve blouse | wide-leg denim blue pants | pink floral romper | navy and white dress | khaki wrap skirt | powder-pink smock blouse | khaki pull-on pants | white cropped twill pants | black cropped wide-leg pants | multi-floral side-slit pants | powder-pink satin blouse | white v-neck linen blouse | khaki ankle pants

black cut-out one-piece | white and black basic long sleeve top | grey ribbed bodysuit | grey sweat shorts | dark khaki and grey basic long sleeve | gold shimmer beach caftan | soft pink ribbed bodysuit

What things are you loving this year??

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