One Of My Favourite Toys

With smart phones, compact cameras, and access to DSLRs – we are never without a way to snap a photo of whatever strikes our fancy.  As a child who grew up sneaking her mother’s 110 camera to take photos of random things around the house, I can’t deny my love of all things photography.  And while I do enjoy the constant and easy access to my iPhone camera and DLR, there’s something I missed from my childhood.

The feeling of physically holding a photograph!

Granted I have photos in frames around our home, but the number of digital images I have far outweighs the physical.

Enter Fuji.

A little while back, Vic surprised me with this little guy for my birthday – I was instantly hooked.

No, the quality isn’t of professional grade, and it don’t come with a dozen filters to smooth skin and dramatic shadows to the selfies, but it is SO fun AND incredibly affordable!  And the best part?  There are a ton of super cute accessories like this Kate Spade style case!

Camera: (newer model)




Journal (similar colour):

*Images taken with my DSLR camera and 50mm lens *


037-3040035052 (3)


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