Where I’ve Been

Well hello there!

Many of you have been checking in on a daily basis, no doubt wondering where in the world I had disappeared to.  On May 26th, Vic and I were involved in a rear-end collision.  We were headed to grab a little pizza I had called in for supper and while stopped at a red light, we were hit from behind – 3 cars in total.

The accident left me with a nasty concussion that I’m still fighting and a huge flare up to my neck and back.  The doctor and therapists are still working together in an attempt to find the right combination of treatments and in the meantime, I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water in school.  This concussion business is HARD!  It has left me feeling completely disoriented and forgetful; confused, irritated and exhausted.  I’ve been limited in what I can do – reading, television, computer, music – I wasn’t lying when I said it was hard!

So please bear with me.

I haven’t really gone anywhere.  I have huge dreams for this blog of mine, but the ol noggin – and body – need a little TLC right now.

Learning the art of pacing myself is something I’m still working on, but rest assure I’m not too far.  I’ll be here as much as I can be and in the meantime, I’m working on new content and allowing myself to get better.

Much love.


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