NHL Draft 2017

I not only live in a country that eat, sleeps, and breathes everything hockey – but I’m also surrounded by a family who are all completely hockey crazed.

So what does a girl to do when she doesn’t really share the love?

Suck it up like a true princess, that’s what.

We have a subscription to a separate hockey package, allowing us access to watch every single preseason, regular season and playoff game – YaY me!  I sit through each and every one Vic watches, listening as he curses the players for fumbling about, the coaches for not doing their job properly, and of course – the refs for their terrible calls — or lack thereof.  Oh he’ll always give credit where it’s due and cheer when things go right, but those curses – cripes they always make me cringe!

So suffice to say, I’m familiar enough with the major players, trades, drafts and the like.  More familiar than I care to be, but hey, I’m a true princess remember!

I have to admit though, the NHL Draft is the one day (and night) of hockey I can get behind.  As I’m creating this post, we’re doing just that – catching the first round draft picks.  Vic is watching to see who goes where, intrigued to see who his team picks up.  Me, I’m watching with a lump in my throat (figuratively!) as the families grab for tissues, listening as their child’s dreams come true.

I mean come on, these kids have given their entire childhood to a sport.  They have most likely missed out on much of what their classmates and friends have enjoyed, choosing instead to attend practices, games, conditioning, and training camps – all for the small chance of being drafted to the NHL.

How can that not pull at the heart strings?!  I know I’m not alone here!

Well, I’m off to grab another tissue as I continue watch parents tear up and fluff up their peacock wings – the pride is shining mighty bright in Chicago tonight!


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