World Book Day: Nonfiction/Biography

Now this is my jam.  If ever you’re looking for me in a book store, this is where you’ll find me – lost among the rows and rows of non-fiction and biographies.


People fascinate me.  I love, love, love reading about the lives of various individuals – where they come from, their cultural beliefs, their successes and failures.  Politicians, actors/actresses, singers, songwriters, inventors, creators – anyone really.  These are just a tiny, tiny sample of the fabulous books I own in this genre – all most definitely worth a read!

Nonfiction/Biography Must-Reads:

Whatever . . . Love is Love: Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves

Maria Bello, a well known actress, activist, and writer delivers a book about how the changes and decisions in her life have helped to shape who she is.  Chapter after chapter, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement.  Bello has written a book that is not only relate-able for all who read it, but one that encompasses many of the insecurities we face on a daily basis.  More even, the impact a shift in perspective can change so much.  A 060must read for all.

*PS she ROCKED it in Coyote Ugly!*

Hatching Twitter

Nick Bilton, a world renown journalist and author, delivers to us the story of Twitter – the ever powerful social media outlet that has been the home to countless scandals from entertainers to world politicians.  Bilton takes his readers behind the scenes of Twitter from its semi-accidental conception to the absolute powerhouse it is today.  We are hand delivered a story that encompasses friendship and the detrimental outcome money, power, and betrayal causes.  A must read for all.

Common Ground

Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and File 2017-04-18, 4 02 16 PMcurrent Prime Minister of Canada, offers us up his story.  In his autobiography, Common Ground, Trudeau writes a telling account of what it was like growing up the son of a Prime Minister; overcoming the death of a brother; his immense educational background; and adventures along the way.  I’m not too, too involved in politics, beyond research for my vote, but really enjoyed this book.  It was incredibly interesting to see a larger picture of the man who is running our country.  A must read for anyone interested in politics, or is interested in knowing the man behind the title.

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight, the creator and founder behind the iconic Nike brand, writes for us the story of how he created one of the most famous and well known brands in fitness footwear and apparel in the world – with $50.  A memoir written to take us on the journey of Knight and how the $50 he borrowed from his father is now worth $30 – billion in annual sales.  A must read for shoe-a-holic’s and entrepreneurial souls like myself.

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