Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

So you’ve said yes to their proposal and are now knee deep in vendor options.  Where do you begin?  How do you sort through the mess without missing out on the essential details?

A wedding planner!

You need something to keep you on track.  Both for your sanity and for your budget.  There are so many little details on top of the larger ones, that will need your attention throughout the booking and planning process and a great planner will be such a huge help when it comes to keeping it all straight.

Intrigued, but not really up for the big binder?

Me either.  I’m a planner by nature and I carry a Kate Spade Agenda/Planner at all times, but I wasn’t really into the idea of lugging around a huge binder.  Leaving it at home didn’t appeal to me either because I wanted something for when I was on the move.  Something I had at my fingertips so that I could keep track of vendor options, what I had booked, what I still needed to do, and where I sat with my budget.

So how did I find all of that without the big binder?

Easy Peasy!

I not only found a planner that was 100% free, but I found one that was available to me regardless of where I was, that was also eco-friendly – #forthewin!

Wedding Wire Canada (or the US) –

Wedding Wire offers brides/grooms to be access to free accounts.  After a few quick questions, you not only have access to a ton of incredibly helpful tips, but an entire wedding planner.

And when I say an entire planner, I do mean entire.  It allows you to build your budget by category, your guest list and seating plan, your menu, contacts, favorite vendors and ones you have booked, and even an online to-do list of all the things you need or want to do – and checks them off as you complete them.

These aren’t even all of the features.  This website is absolutely priceless for those of us planning a wedding.

And the best part?!

It comes with a free app!

So not only are you super organized at home or the office, but it is literally all at your fingertips wherever you are!

Do yourself a favor and go check it out.  I promise, it will be a lifesaver throughout your planning process!


File 2017-04-06, 2 03 35 PM

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