You Are Enough . . .You Are More Than Enough . . .

The feelings of inadequacy can be crippling.  Each time you’re told you’re not enough, is like a physical blow.  It dents the ego until it’s nonexistent.  It shatters your spirit until you’re convinced you’re worthless.  It breaks your heart and decimates your very soul.  It creates a stress like no other.  One that has you constantly fighting to be better, until you finally realize you’ll never truly be good enough to make them stop.

But you’ll never let them see it.

You’ll never let them see your tears.  You’ll never let them see the heartbreak, the shame, or the complete and utter lack of self confidence.

Until one day they break you.

You no long have the strength to fake the smile.  You no longer have the strength to withstand another blow.  You now believe you’ll never be good enough.  You’ll never be nice enough, pretty enough, slim enough, strong enough, tall enough, smart enough – you’ll simply never be enough.

Those are the darkest days.

Those are the days you’ll need to dig so damn deep to find just the smallest ounce of strength.  You’ll need to get up just one more time.  You’ll need to wipe the tears and find that voice – the one that was once so strong.  You’ll need it all so that you can utter one last word —


Enough of the abuse.  Enough of the bullying.  Enough of making you feel worthless.

Just enough.

Their mouth will snap shut.  Because they’re so used to cutting you with their words and having you not defend yourself.  Because they could be your mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, spouse, friend, boss, or even a virtual stranger.  They may be the very people who are supposed to love you, support you, and help to build you up – not tear you down.

It may not be the only step to regaining yourself, but it is the most crucial.  It is the single most important thing you will do for yourself.  Because the minute you say “Enough!”, you start to rob them of their power; regaining it instead.

They may never see you as being enough.  You may never hear them tell you you’re beautiful, smart, slim, etc. – but you will learn one incredibly priceless lesson.

You don’t need them.

People who tear you down; who are okay with killing your self confidence and crushing your spirit – they don’t deserve a place in your life.  They don’t deserve your tears and they certainly don’t deserve your life.

They deserve nothing from you.

I don’t care who they are to you – people who truly love and care about you will NEVER make you feel inadequate.  They will never make you feel so guilty you’ll want to vomit.  They will never cast you aside, berating you for being someone other than their closed-minded self can fathom.

So my loves, dust yourself off.  You have survived every day of your life up to now – you’re doing fabulous!  You’re not simply enough – YOU are MORE than enough.  You’re a god damn rock star!  You deserve everything in this life, and you will find someone out there who believes the same.  Maybe it won’t be your parents, or your grandparents, siblings, family member, or significant other – but they’re out there.  I PROMISE you that.

I can also promise you, that finding your way back to yourself may be the hardest damn fight of your life.  But there is no fight more important, than the one for your life.

So my darling, it’s time to say the word.

It’s time to shout it from the damn rooftop.


I’m living proof that the fight is possible.  I’m living proof that the fight is damn hard.  I’m living proof that it’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

So fight baby.

Fight for you.  Because you’re more than enough for this big bad world – you’re f—ing fantastic!

Much love you guys xo



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