The Baby Battle Continues

I have SO much sympathy for those who are actively battling infertility and even more who have been battling for years.

You guys are truly amazing.

I haven’t really discussed fertility that much with doctors, but it has recently come up with my new endocrinologist.  She discovered a note on my file made by my previous endo. and has been checking things for signs of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  So far it’s all been blood work, but will move forward to ultrasounds depending on the results.

This afternoon, I hit up my family physician for the results – he’s on the ball like that and I have zero patience when it comes to waiting for medical results.  The reason I hadn’t heard from my endo is because part of the bloodwork needed to be sent away to another lab and could take 6-8 weeks to hear from.  I seriously felt like growling.  But the lab work that’s back shows perfection.  Seriously, it does!

I’m totally far from perfect, and I actually love my imperfectly perfect life, BUT when it comes to my health – seems like I’m pretty damn perfect . . . I mean healthy . . . 😉

Minus the blip with Cancer that is.

Turns out my baby-less life could very well be the anemia that was left untreated for lord knows how long.  Thank God for tiny miracles hey?  Given that my iron was so low and for an unknown period of time (estimated at 3-20 years) it could have very well affected fertility.

I have my fingers crossed that this is the case.  I’ve been on supplements now for a little over 3 months so things should be starting to level off where they should be.  Here’s hoping 2017 will be filled with news of babies, new adventures, and lots of love.

Especially for those of you struggling to make this happen.  I’m new to the fertility thing, but I know there are some of you who cry almost daily at the emptiness they feel inside.  Who feeling the same longing when they see beautiful, precious little beings.  Who are being poked and prodded constantly in order to (hopefully) push their bodies to do what it’s ‘supposed’ to be able to do naturally.

I am offering up so much love to you guys.  I can’t even imagine the emotional roller-coaster you guys are on.  It’s beyond frustrating when your body refuses to function properly.  When you have no idea what the problem is, but you keep fighting because you want that precious little baby SO friggin badly, you can think of little else.

I desperately pray we all have our dreams come true this year.  That we all hear those words we’ve been longing to hear.

Much love you guys.


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