Fashionista Friday

So it’s quickly becoming a thing here on the blog – Fashion Fridays – and I love it!

Last week was a post on my fabulous Spring finds at one of my favorite stores.  Who am I kidding, it isn’t one of my favorite stores – it is thee favorite.  Today’s ‘Fashion Friday’ isn’t one filled with cute pieces for the upcoming Spring season – no worries, I’ve totally discovered more! – but instead filled with my closet.

A text came in from my sister in law earlier asking about dresses which resulted in me spending some quality time with my wardrobe.

I’ll be honest; the last 3 years I haven’t had much quality time with my clothes.  The thyroidectomy and car accident halted my workouts and resulted in a weight gain of 40lbs in total.  Granted some of it has come off – almost at the half way mark – but I haven’t regained the excitement I once had for my wardrobe.  I have dozens of pieces with tags still attached, accessories to match almost everything – including handbags, shoes, and nail polish.

I really do love fashion!

So when I ventured into my jam packed closet earlier for my niece, I ended up drowning in nostalgia.  Pulling out beautiful dresses, tunics, and the like.  Holding up each of them in front of the mirror.  *sigh*  Let’s just say it was the motivation I needed to keep going.

The funniest part of my obsession with all things fashion related . . . .


My little runt of a cat adores shoes and clothes just as much as I do.  I’m serious!  We constantly find her asleep among our shoes or on our clothes.  It was no different today.  As I was trying on various clothes, she was sneaking onto the dresses I had pulled.  Seriously, doesn’t she look like I’m the one being a jerk??


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