Cabin Fever

You guyssss!

We have been held up in the apartment since Monday afternoon and I’m about to pull my hair out!  I’m not saying I was bored so much as feeling the cabin fever set in – like big time.

In the last 48 hours we were under a blizzard warning.  It was a nasty storm that shut down the city yesterday and today, which totally never happens, and dumped a load of snow.  Like I’m talking somewhere between 50-70cm or 20-28inches of snow.  So while ol’ man winter was doing his worst, I sat reading a new book.  Then reading for school.  I’m damn near ready to go cross-eyed if I have to try and read anything else, yet there is still more to be read for classes tomorrow.  Thankfully winter break starts for me at 3:15pm tomorrow and then I’m free for 11 glorious days.

And all I can think about right now is how nice it would be to be able to go to the grocery store.  Sad how delightful that thought is.  Instead I sit and wait for the poor snow clearing crew to make it to our neighborhood.  The poor guys (and girls) have been working endlessly throughout the storm and I know that as anxious as I am to go out, they’re just as anxious – if not more- to go home to their families to eat, sleep and just be.

So in the mean time I’ll just toss on some music or let my Netflix continue its workout and be thankful for those men and women who are getting cussed at for trying their best to get our roads clear so we can get on with our day.



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