Calling All List Lovers!

I love lists.

I believe they keep me organized and on track, both on a daily basis, and for my long term goals.  If I were to be honest, they more often than not, save my sanity.

So it was a no-brainer that when I began a new venture, the lists multiplied.  A lot.  For me, writing something down brings it to life.  It holds me accountable to the things I need to get done.  And I won’t lie, it feels pretty darn good to check those things off.

So these past two weeks have been list central for me.  Mocking up social media calendars, blog topics, school assignments, AND I’ve started writing a NOVEL!  Crazy right?!  It all started when I was speaking to a professor about including a diploma in creative writing within my degree.  We discussed portfolio options and the like – I was a little apprehensive, but totally stoked at the same time.  I put the first few lines on the page and sat staring at the screen.  I was a bundle of emotion.  It was exhilarating, terrifying, and a little insane.  Writing a book was something I joked about over the years.  It was like one of those dreams that seemed so far out in left field that it was simply that, a dream.  Never did I think I’d have the opportunity to pursue it.

But here I am.

During the process, I have also been working on a mini memoir type piece.  With all of the writing happening, there have been ideas flowing like a waterfall.

Like I’ve literally been standing in front of the bread section in the grocery store and I’ll want to write something down.  Or in the drive-thru for coffee and *BAM* something I just keep repeating to myself in hopes I’ll remember it when I get home.  It lasted for just a few days and I was on my way to Chapters for a journal.  I needed a way to capture ideas as they happened, instead of relying on just my memory or the ‘Note’ app on my iPhone.

While I was looking through the huge selection of journals and notebooks, I came across this sweet little book.  It’s a dream for those of us who love to write, even if it’s just in a personal journal for our own private thoughts, or those who love lists of all kinds.

the 52 Lists project: a year of weekly journaling inspiration

It’s a small hardcover journal with a prompt for each week of the year.  Each week it gives you a topic that gets the mind moving.  It gets you really thinking of the life you have created.  From week one’s “List your goals and dreams for this year.”, to week eighteen’s, “List the things that motivate you.” to week thirty five’s, “List the obstacles that stand in the way of facing your dreams.”

It’s a wonderful way to gain perspective and focus on the things you love in your life and the things that are standing in the way of your goals and/or dreams.  I’m officially hooked and am loving it so far.  So much so, I love grabbing my book when I sit down to catch up on the week’s recorded shows.  Mulling over the current topic, trying to remain true – I mean I’m the only one going to be reading it and if we’re honest, we tend to sensor ourselves a lot of the time.

They have others as well.  If you love to write or you love lists, take a look here at Chapter’s selection of themed journals.  There’s so many cute ones!  You’ll definitely find something that will intrigue you! šŸ™‚




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