Friday Favs: The 70s Are Back!

Okay, it’s no secret I love clothes.

Vic and I live in a two bedroom apartment and rent two storage units.  It’s a toss up on who owns more clothes and accessories – with a clear win on his part for the most shoes.

I get excited with every change in the season.  It means big new issues of Vogue, new window displays, and new styles/trends.  I’m like a kid on Christmas when it’s time for the retail switch.  Like this morning.  Vic is normally either up before me, or wakes when I get out of bed.  Today, he decided to sleep in.  I let him have an extra hour.  It’s all I could muster when the emails started rolling in with images of the new Spring/Summer styles!!

So today’s stop?

Old Navy.  My absolute fav.  As in every bit of 80%+ of my wardrobe comes from there.  So when I walked in  – well I swear I was 2 seconds away from rubbing my hands together.  It was like 1950s met 1970s.

There’s the sweetest lace up flats, patterned stilettos galore, and ankle boots that I totally need in every color.  And the sweetest sweaters!  Oh my gosh.  But the best find today?  Flared-friggin-jeans are back!  Please tell me I’m not alone in the excitement!

Here are my favorite finds of the day:


a. trench coat in clay mate    b. suede ankle boot in olive    c. canvas sneaker in coral ditsy floral    d. mid-rise pixie ankle pants in navy floral  e. relaxed cutout-back blouse in navy floral  f. pop-color denim jacket in huckleberry pie  g. suede ankle book in sand  h. mini saddle bag in coral  i. mid-rise linen-blend pants in amalgam  j. pintuck swing blouse in navy multi  k. chambray v-neck shift dress in monroe  l. sueded ghillie lace-up flat in dusk  m. unstructured faux-leather tote in tan  n. mid-rise micro flare jeans in sheri  o. classic crew-neck pullover in coral tropics  p. patterned canvas stiletto in coral ditsy floral  q. sueded tiered-fringe sandal in cognac brown  r. mid-rise pixie ankle pants in black floral  s. relaxed lace-trim sleeveless top in cream t. relaxed open-front textured cardi in black marl

And the best part?  Every item on my fav’s list . . . is under $60 – even the jackets!

Tell me you’re not excited for Spring!



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