Let’s Get Real About Our Waistline

If we’re all honest here for a minute, we’ll admit that we have all been caught in front of the mirror critiquing and criticizing what we see.  From the front; turn to the right side; left side; even looking over our shoulder at our butt.  Suck in a little here; tighten a little here.  Our skin could be tighter; our pores a little smaller.

We could be better.

Sure we could.  But what we don’t realize is that we will never be perfect.  When we lose 5lbs we see how fabulous we look and even better, we feel great.  Those feelings become addictive and we want to keep going.  Those feelings are what fuel our fire to keep pushing for change.

Now I’m the first one to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.  I’m a firm believer in the power our body has when fueled properly.

Let’s think of our car for a second.  I’m a crazy car lady and tend to baby mine – she’s a beauty.  It has had all regular services done and is always cleaned, both instead and out.  Granted, it’s an expense I wish I didn’t have sometimes, but I know in order to keep her running at her optimum state, she needs the work. Granted she has minor scratches from parking lot dings, but she gets a clean bill of health from Honda every 3-4 months.

The same can be said for our bodies.

A healthy balance and regular maintenance is needed to aid our bodies in running at their optimum state as well.  But if we were to break out the honesty again, we don’t always have the time or drive to hit the gym or cook healthy, whole meals.  We’re all busy.  Be it with our kids, spouses, careers, families, etc.  But there are still ways to ensure we are putting our health first.

I haven’t stepped inside of a gym since early 2013.  I traded hours on the arc trainer and circuit, for long hikes with my fiance, short runs in our neighbourhood, and sessions with Jillian Michaels.  I tried Jillian’s 30 Day Shred in the Spring of 2013 and have been addicted ever since.

The 30 Day Shred is a workout designed for the ones looking to trim the fat, and tighten . . . well pretty much everything.  It has 3 levels, split into 10 day periods – hence the 30 days.  Each level begins with quick and easy stretches to help ensure you don’t pull anything, followed by interval training: 3 minutes on weights, 2 minutes on cardio, 1 minute on abs – repeat.  She provides two ways to do 98% of the exercises: one for those lacking flexibility or have been away from structured exercise and one for those who are seasoned in the fitness world.  Everyone will benefit, regardless of their fitness level or goals.  I lost 30lbs and 2-3 sizes in my first two months.  But please remember these were MY results.  They were based on my other activities and my eating habits – both of which could be better and worse, depending on who is judging.

Regardless, fitness is something that will give you the results based on the work you put into it.

Not sure you have 30 minutes to spare everyday?

No problem!

She has another workout available: 10 Minute Body Transformation.  This one is designed for those who are willing to cry after 10 minutes.  No, just kidding.  But in true Jillian style, she makes you sweat, scream and even curse.  There are 5, ten-minute workouts to choose from.  On the days you just can’t seem to squeeze in a full 30+ minutes, you can still kill those calories and tighten that booty by giving up 10 minutes.  The workouts you get to choose from here are: kickbox blast, cardio burn, calisthenics (body weight), booty boot camp, and Pilates power.  They are intense, make you ache in places you may not think possible, but is SO effective.  The great thing with these workouts is you can do as few or as many as your schedule allows.

Like the sound of the 30 Day Shred, but not sure if you’re up for the intensity?  Try her Beginner Shred.  It is designed virtually the same way as the other one, but for beginners.  It will help you create the habit of daily exercise, with intimidating you away from it.  Don’t fear that you will be sacrificing results if you ease into it.  One thing I can say for JM is she always provides you with exercises that will bring results – if you bring the effort.

Need to shed those last 5lbs for next weekend’s Little Black Dress event??

She has one for that too!

One Week Shred is I-N-T-E-N-S-E!  This one consists of two, 30-minute workouts daily for one week.  There is a strength training workout for the morning, and a cardio workout for the evening – or however you wish to split them.  I promise you, if you stick with it for the 14 workouts – the results you will see and feel will have you scrambling for her other workouts.

These are the workouts I personal own and have done/continue to do by JM.  I swear by her workouts, have consistently gotten my desired results and LOVE the fact I can do it from the comfort of my own home, whenever my schedule allows.  In the time I would spend in commute to the gym, I can have a workout in.

And because getting an incredible workout for as little as $7 (insane right?!) wasn’t enough, she includes meal plans!  These are of course optional, but are a great feature for those who would like a little direction as to how to get thee absolute most from their workouts.  And you need no equipment to start.  The most I’ve ever incorporate is 2, 2.5lb weights.  These are totally optional, but they do increase the intensity of your workout, giving you better results.

I know some of you will be itching to try this.  To see if I’m right, or just simply spouting crap – go ahead, give it a go.  I have several friends that have tried various workouts and are addicted!  She has an entire line.  Far more than the few I mentioned here and they are all sold at a STEAL of a price.  I snagged mine at Walmart and Costco – never more than $7-10 each.  How can you not try this total body transformation for the cost of ONE trip to Starbucks?!

I’m off to snag her Yoga Meltdown . . . .ahh Yoga . . .


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