Joyeux Anniversaire Moi Un Mini!

Ahh kid you’re killing me.


No longer the dancing, singing little princess I could squish with a hug.


Now you stand taller than I am, with a wardrobe I could borrow from!  It’s okay to slow down a little, you know.  I feel as though we’re all going to miss your teenage years if we blink too long.  While we’ve been struggling to keep up, you have grown into such an amazing young woman; so full of talent and creativity; a love for the Arts, be it music, drawing, or graphic design; and best of all – a mind of your own.

You’re fearless when faced with trying new things – diversity is your best friend.

This fearlessness, paired with adaptability, is what is going to push you to amazing heights in life kid.

This past year alone has been quite a ride or you.  Your first year as a teenager seen style changes; gone is the black, replaced instead with hints of our little fashionista returning.  It seen a new found love of all seafood and let’s not forget the shift in all things computer, to taking on band, choir, cheer leading (x2!), dance, and still creating with any spare moment.

In the midst of all that, you began to see your mom and dad as the most uncool creatures around.  For now, this is true and you’ll probably think that for a while yet.  But remember, although they may embarrass the bejesus out of you with their dancing, jokes, and howling at events – they love you dearly.  Also, remember that dear auntie and uncle have a spare room for the day you tell your mom, you’re done with cheer! 😉

In all seriousness though, you’re pretty awesome kid.  Granted I’m biased, but meh, I’m allowed to be.  I’m excited to see what 14 has in store for you and you can bet your ass that the good, bad and ugly will be captured by yours truly – because as I’ve told you a dozen times before, I’m proud of you kid.  And that pride gets shared – simply because I can.

So here’s to an amazing year of new things.  Here’s to becoming multi-instrumental, as well as building that portfolio of yours.  Ps. STOP destroying your art!  Looking back on the ones you don’t like, simply serves as a way you can watch your amazing growth.

HUGE wishes, mini me, for the happiest of birthdays yet!

Joyeux Anniversair

e Moi Un Mini!


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