Happy New Year

I won’t sugar-coat it; I was pretty damn excited to see the clock strike midnight last night.  I have been ever so anxious to put 2016 behind me.  Turn the page, close the entire damn book – just forget all about it for a bit.  But waking to a beautiful sunrise, fresh new year on the calendar and the smell of turkey – well it changed my perspective a little.

To close the peripheral door and forget about 2016 would entail forgetting the good times.  Though it was the roughest year of my life, there were still great days.  And more than that, I conquered the hard days.  I sit here writing this post and that in itself is something to be proud of.

As I scrolled through my social media feeds last night, having decided to spend a quiet night at home with Vic, I noticed a lot of people shared in my original view of 2016.  It was a hard one for many.

But I refuse to move forward in the same mind set.  I’m going to instead, take the lessons and grow from them.  I’m going to remember the dark days and know I possess the strength to reach the light again.  I’m going to remember the good days and know that in the hardest of times, I was still able to find something to smile for.  I’m going to remember 2016 as the year I chose to live; the year I reached deep down and discovered a true inner strength I didn’t know existed.

I’ll remember those days and push forward into a bright and promising new year filled with endless opportunities and promise.

Happy New Year.

May you all find your inner strength and grab hold – it’s time to show 2017 who’s boss!


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