When Are You Having Your Own Little Ones?

In a time when it’s quite common to see childless couples, the questions seem to be ever so endless.  From family, friends, co-workers and even virtual strangers.  I get it; there once was a time that when a woman was 30, she not only had started a family, but had probably stopped reproducing.

That’s lovely!

There was also a time when the norm was for the husband to go to work, while the wife raised the family – times change.  Thankfully.

Today, however, large families aren’t the only option – far from it.  It is socially acceptable to not only be childless at 30, but even remain childless indefinitely.  It doesn’t make us alien.  Doesn’t mean our lives are worthless.  The fact that you may see it that way – well, that’s on you.

Please, stop asking me when I’m going to have children!

Every time you ask a woman about starting a family, you could be touching on a topic that brings her incredible pain.  She may be struggling with fertility; mourning a miscarriage; dealing with a variety of health issues – any number of things.  Things that, with all due respect, are none of your business and makes for incredibly awkward and uncomfortable situations and conversations.

“When are you going to have little ones of your own?”

“You guys have been together for ages now.  When are you going to start working on a family?

“Ohhhh, babies look so good on you!”

*Laughing* “You’re never going to have children are you?”

Let’s stop the judgements, the questions and discomfort at talking extremely personal issues.  So let’s let your childless girlfriends enjoy their freedom to lose themselves in their careers, travel on a whim, focus solely on their spouse and/or pets if they so choose, and pray they’re not facing a struggle harder than any other, every time the strip says no.


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