When Happy Birthday Just Won’t Do

How do you simply wish a woman a Happy Birthday who sat with you through the whirlwind that’s been  your life for the last (almost) two decades?

You don’t.

A woman who was your constant support through your mom’s breast cancer while you both stumbled your way through high school, needs a little more than a simple wish for a great day.  The woman who sat on the curb with you, while you cried your way through your first heartbreak, she deserves more than a present and cake.  The woman who not only supplied endless orange Popsicle’s when you were diagnosed with cancer, but supplied the constant support when Vic couldn’t, hot damn, she deserves the world.

Lady, we have seen each other through illnesses, crappy parent choices, new love and heartbreak, graduations, great success and great loss, pregnancy – just to touch on the tip of an enormous iceberg.  I stood with you at the baptism of your beautiful son, and you will very soon stand next to me as I say I do.  Not only can I not imagine going through life’s crazy ride without you, I wouldn’t want to.

I love that you finally have a man that treats you as a partner in life.  A man that not only loves you as you deserve to be loved, but loves your little boy as well.  It’s been a long time coming, but so very worth the wait.  To him, I send a very heartfelt thank you!

So today, on your birthday, I don’t simply wish you a great day.  I wish you the absolute best life has to offer.

Happy Birthday, Buttercup.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Chapter 31!


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