100 Days of the Holidays – Anxious Decorators

You see the treats everywhere.

Holiday pop-up stores are now open for business; simply bursting at the seams with home decor and costumes in all styles and sizes.  Everyone is starting to whisper the age-old question, “Who/what should I be this year?”

Some believe that Halloween is a holiday meant for tricks and treats.  The holiday that brings the horrors to life – the scarier, the better.  There’s a steady stream of movies that will support this theory – the whole Freddy versus Jason series, Silence of the Lambs, The Ring, and for wimps like me – the Scream series . . . just to name a few.

But I believe it’s a holiday for dreamers.  The one day a year we can be anyone we choose to be; living or dead, real or make-believe.  No criticism or judgement; no bullying or fear or retribution.  Simply a fun-filled holiday for jokesters and dreamers alike.

Regardless of WHY you love the holiday, if your heart is pitter pattering at the thought of decorating and/or celebrating the upcoming holiday, but it seems a little early to carve the pumpkins and fill the yard with creepy headstones and witches – you can still jump on the holiday lovers bandwagon.

I grabbed a Halloween puzzle at Costco for $12.99 and spread it out on my coffee table, grabbed the remote and searched up a themed movie (or two . . . or three 😉 ) on Netflix and settled in for an evening or pre-Halloween enjoyment.

Not much of a puzzle fan?  Grab a little sweet treat in honor of the holiday and settle in for a scare or two watching a few great movies!



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