100 Days of the Holidays

Yes, you read that title right.

The original plan was to include a well laid out “100 Days of Christmas”, because – well I adore Christmas.  But after countless hours spent brainstorming and scheduling posts, I thought it quite unfair to the other incredible holidays coming up within the next three months to focus solely on just one.

I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?  A holiday centered around great food and great company – YES PLEASE!!

And a Halloween – a day of choosing to be anyone other than yourself while eating snacks – HELL YEA!

So I decided to shift things just a little and instead of celebrating one holiday – celebrate them all!  So here’s the beginning to 100 Days of the Holidays.  A blog series that will span over the next 100 days, bringing with it a daily post covering everything from home decor, fun activities, delicious recipes, fun and easy DIY projects and other awesome holiday related things!

Day One:

For those of us who love to share in the excitement of Christmas, but are sometimes at a loss of what to do, or may be on a tight budget, there are SO many things out there that cost next to nothing, or even nothing at all.  Here’s a list of 100 Christmas related activities that you can do with friends and family or even during a little quiet ‘me time’.

  1. Write/mail a letter to Santa
  2. Make Christmas cards
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Go caroling
  5. Color Christmas pictures
  6. Make paper chains
  7. Collect pine cones
  8. Make popcorn garland
  9. Make Christmas bird treats to hang outside
  10. Watch a Christmas movie
  11. Make Christmas sugar cookies
  12. Make reindeer food
  13. Read a Christmas story
  14. Go for a walk/drive and look at Christmas lights
  15. Volunteer at a community holiday drive
  16. Pick out Christmas tree
  17. Pack a shoe box for your local woman’s shelter
  18. Assemble/decorate a gingerbread house
  19. Make Christmas tree ornaments
  20. Make a traditional family dessert
  21. Roast marshmallows
  22. Do a craft using jingle bells
  23. Decorate the tree
  24. Donate food to your local food bank
  25. Play Elf to a friend – keep it secret!
  26. Hang stockings
  27. Make a snow-globe
  28. Make a Christmas angel
  29. Go ice skating
  30. Help wrap presents
  31. Visit Santa
  32. Make peppermint bark
  33. Decorate your front door
  34. Create family initial tree ornament
  35. Attend community parade
  36. Make felt Christmas tree
  37. Gather old clothes/toys to donate
  38. Create holiday wreath
  39. Create holiday themed centerpieces
  40. Go sledding
  41. Make eggnog
  42. Make party invitations
  43. Create Christmas budget
  44. Make Christmas card tree
  45. Make wine bottle home decor
  46. Create random act of kindness advent calendar
  47. Have a Christmas themed movie night
  48. Create wine cork tree ornament
  49. Make tree shaped brownies
  50. Visit community tree lighting
  51. Write a holiday greeting for someone in the armed forces
  52. Donate to local charity drive
  53. Make Mickey Mouse tree ornament
  54. Make a holiday playlist
  55. Make DIY gift for teacher
  56. Host a cookie exchange
  57. Create a ‘Night Before Christmas Box’
  58. Video chat with out of town family member(s) or friend(s)
  59. Have a slumber party by the tree
  60. Build a snowman
  61. Make homemade stew
  62. Have a Christmas themed game night
  63. Host secret Santa
  64. Make a DIY gift for your neighbor
  65. Begin a new Christmas tradition
  66. Build a fort and hang Christmas lights
  67. Work on Christmas puzzle
  68. Plan a red and green day
  69. Have a snowball fight
  70. Adopt a family for Christmas
  71. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  72. Visit a nursing home
  73. Bake cookies for Santa
  74. Create an ugly Christmas sweater
  75. Have a cookie decorating party
  76. Have a picnic by the tree
  77. Donate blankets and/or towels to local animal shelter
  78. Have a Christmas music dance party
  79. Make homemade hot chocolate
  80. Make a homemade ‘Countdown to Christmas’
  81. Have a silly, Christmas themed family photo shoot
  82. Build a snow fort
  83. Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier
  84. Go on a Christmas themed scavenger hunt
  85. Send care package to troops overseas
  86. Decorate your home for the holidays
  87. Have an ugly sweater competition
  88. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  89. Make paper Christmas lights
  90. Have a homemade Christmas photo booth
  91. Make Christmas pictures to hang
  92. Make homemade advent calendar
  93. Play Christmas bingo
  94. DIY gifts for friends
  95. Make Christmas crayons
  96. Go shopping as a family
  97. Check out Christmas books from the library
  98. Deliver treats to local fire station
  99. Have a Christmas karaoke night
  100. Make Christmas crackers

Some of these will be developed further in a post of their own, while some are self explanatory.  Don’t let money or lack of creative juice prevent you from enjoying the holidays.  Don’t let the thought of growing older, stop you from enjoying the child-like magic that surrounds the holidays.


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