Stock Pot – Super Size

Some times, regardless of how optimistic and bright you are when the day begins, it doesn’t stay that way.  Some days the universe isn’t quite aligned with your way of thinking and it just feels kinda crappy.

Welcome to my Thursday.

It resulted in a whole-lot-ta pain, pain meds that decided they weren’t going to work and the day went in a downward spiral from there – ending with a whole-lot-ta tears and mascara stained cheeks.

Vic thought I was going to cave and buy snacks.  I instead I came home with a new – larger – stock pot and a response, “I need soup.”  Some people turn to ice cream, junk food, liquid pick-me-up, or even something stronger, when the days turn to muss.  I turn to soup.  When I break out the soup pot, he knows there’s something going down.  When I come home with a pot that could feed an army – he just kinda watches . . . wariness in the glances.

Then comes a guilty pleasure . . . TRIVIAL PURSUIT!

Come on, you know it’s like the best board game EVER!


Okay, maybe many of you are like Vic and grumble at the thought of playing board games, but just give me this.  He swept his thoughts and opinions aside for the evening and humored me.

So I lost myself in the biggest pot of homemade chicken vegetable soup, handful of Mini Eggs, an hour of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture and my favorite human.  By far theeee BEST way to end any day – especially this one.

*excuse the iPhone snap quality*

File 2016-08-18, 10 57 50 PM

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