Ending; The New Beginning

Gah!  The past few weeks have been uber stressful and absolutely filled with uncertainty.  For some time now, I have caused a few clients confusion.  Well, not on purpose of course. There is a photographer, just south of the border, who has the same name!  Total shocker to the girl who grew up wishing for a ‘normal’ name.  You know, one of those popular names you can get on Christmas ornaments or in souvenir shops – yea, those ones.  Back to the issue at hand . . . given that we shared a name – and profession! – I could only reserve certain things with my name.  So I had some things reading Tonya Roberts Photography and some reading Tonya Roberts Photographer.  Hello Business 101 – you cannot operate a successful business smoothly with two names!

I knew I needed to change my business name, but to what exactly – I had no idea.  I am a bride-to-be who will be taking her husband’s name, but that just didn’t roll off the tongue quite right.  Then I considered tossing my name out all together and getting creative buuut I didn’t like that either.  I love being attached to my work.  I love how I can be scrolling through social media, see an image and know who created it without even having to look.  So what does one do?

Cue the drum solo . . .

Ditch the last name entirely!  That’s right.  I’ve  decided to drop the last name and pick up my middle name – a name, once again, spelt differently.  This time, however, it allowed me access to alllll of the domains I wanted – YaY for unpopular names!

Then came the nauseating fear.  Starting over.  God it still gives me butterflies. I made the leap.  Secured a new Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts and a new Blog domain – all during finals week.  It caused sleepless nights and a very cranky Tonya.  After several days of trying to recreate my blog under a new domain name, I simply emailed WordPress out of pure frustration and desperation.


They simply swapped out the domain names for me so I could keep my little slice of Heaven just the way it was with a pretty new name!  They have my ETERNAL gratitude!!  No more sleepless nights – except for the excitement – and no more wasted hours.  I can refocus on my wonderful clients and continue booking, booking, booking!  I’m working to redo the new logo – but that’s a minor tweak!  I’m working to do the same with Facebook, but I’m not sure if it will be such a smooth transition – finger crossed!  I’m hoping to make this as easy and smooth a transition for my clients as I possibly can.

So here’s to new beginnings.  May they be exciting, breathtaking, nauseously invigorating, and incredibly successful!!


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