Letters: Buttercup

I still vividly remember the day you waved the pee stick announcing you were pregnant.  I didn’t believe you – you’re too much the jokester and it was a long running joke.  But you were so excited, different than those other times you tried to pull my leg – you were exuding happiness.

And that’s what you were – happy.

You loved every second of your pregnancy, though you may laugh now and say some weren’t so hot.  There was an air of contentment and excitement surrounding you in those following months, even when life wasn’t the rosiest.

And then there was Nate.

A gorgeous little bundle of joy.  So sweet and contented – so much like this mom.  You were in awe.  Who am I kidding, we all were.

And those curls!!  Oh the curls.


Through all that life has thrown at you in the last 5 years, you have still managed to raise a sweet, energetic, and smart little man.  A little boy – who is such a BOY!  Who is reintroducing you to Ninja Turtles, super heros and Hot Wheels; who is keeping you on your toes at every turn; and melting your heart with every kiss.

I know you’re proud of Nathan (and so you should be!), but be proud of yourself as well.

I am.


File 2016-05-08, 8 29 08 AM

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