Unsolicited Love

“I’m recommending you see a physiotherapist.”

Ugh.  Really?

This was my initial response as my doctor handed me a requisition back in September.  I had heard SO many stories of how it was a waste of time and even a few of how it made the condition worse.  But given that we were rear ended and the swelling in my neck was getting worse by the day, I didn’t see any other option.

I took to Facebook for recommendations and first on the list was East Coast Physio.  I loved that they were close to my house – yes, that what’s gave them bonus points.  So my assessment was scheduled and off I went, totally apprehensive.

I was scheduled to see Vicki (Victoria), but it just so happened she was sick on my first day.  Melissa (Assistant), asked if I was okay to see Frank or if I would rather reschedule.  I went ahead with my appointment.

Frank Knox doesn’t simply treat his patients; he cares for and about them.  He works with you to prevent further damage, help control any discomfort/pain, while getting you back to your normal routine as quickly and safely as possible.

There have been weeks that my appointments are the only thing I look forward to.

So there was no hesitation of where I would go, when in January I was handed a requisition for massage therapy.  Granted I had a few moments of anxiety trying to figure out how I would fit yet another treatment plan into an already loaded week, but with a little rearranging, it was a-go.

I can’t possibly put into words the care we’ve both received at East Coast.  I absolutely adore the staff there.  They have all gone above and beyond for us both, making us feel like we have found therapists that genuinely care.

I am dreading the day I no longing see the crew on a regular basis – though I am incredibly anxious to resume life as I want to – they are just that awesome.  I will miss our conversations about everything and nothing; the dirty political debates; restaurant reviews; what television shows we’ve all uncovered that week; school ups and downs and the laughs that made me cry.

(As you can see, I really am going to miss these peeps!)

So, do yourself a favor.  Before you dispel treatments based on the horror stories or your own doubts, give them a try.  I can promise you won’t regret it!!


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