Kate Spade + Cereal

Sometimes you get up in the morning, singing into your hairbrush and shaking it like you’re J-Lo – common I know it’s not just me!  Then as the day unfolds, you mentally throw that hairbrush at someone (maybe more than one) and wish you had moves like Mike Tyson instead.

Those days are usually Mondays – not Fridays.

Fridays are usually the day we all aim to just make it to.  The day we all get that second wind and simply stare at the clock, hearing Jimmy Buffet in your mind reminding you that it’s already 5 o’clock somewhere.

Today I had a nasty case of the Mondays.  The frustrating part was that it started out SO well!  But I won’t get into my numerous petty frustrations, we all have them and I’m so not up for a pity party – party of one – tonight.  Instead I’ve decided to drown my sorrows in a bowl of cold cereal (YUM!), write today off and forget about it.

Cue the J-Lo!

This is officially my fourth day off from school and I have punched in 3/4 days at my computer mapping out the summer.  Vic teases me endlessly, swearing I have a planner for my planners.  He’s right – a little 😛

I have 3 planners and an online social media calendar – yea, I’m a little OCD.

But you will never see me miss a deadline, function, event, appointment or even be 5 minutes late.  I am punctual to a fault and even more organized.  It’s just how I roll.  I break out my Kate Spade for everything – it’s my bible.  The receptionist’s all laugh at me, so does pretty much everyone else.  But I get the last laugh every time my phone dings with a text asking to confirm details of something or when Vic fails to remember necessary appointments and deadlines – they would all be lost without me and my pretty little mint Kate Spade!

Today I look at its color-coded marks and get giddy for the 2016 season.  For all its mini session offers, returning clients and for all the new faces I’ll be so incredibly lucky to meet – life is good.

In all it’s Cap’n Crunch eating sweetness – life is pretty freakin’ wonderful.

Now I must go and finish a little marketing material and Suits – yes, I’m literally addicted to any legal show I stumble across, but come onnnn, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is just delicious! ❤



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