Novice Select

He was a squishy, crying infant who grew into an incredibly smart little guy.  A toddler who loved all of the typical boy things – super heroes, Tonka, Thomas and who could put together a puzzle quicker than you could blink.

When his mom first told me that he was playing hockey with his little friends, I thought it was adorable.  He wasn’t much older than a toddler.  Then he started playing on ice.  He was on a team with other little guys scurrying around the ice; the best their wobbly little ankles would allow.  There was hardly any coordination and a whole lot of falling down.  I would leave with cheeks sore from smiling.

And although it’s been a few years, I left the rink Friday night with cheeks still sore from smiling.  The difference is it isn’t from seeing something cute, but rather from pride at how much talent is in such a tiny person.  I never need to ask what number he’s wearing or position he’s playing – I can tell by how he skates.

That little bundle of talent made a select team on Friday evening and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  It’s going to mean more time at the arena and on the road for Mom and Dad, but I honestly can’t wait to see this little guy soar.






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