Delicious Eats | Turkey Sandwich

It’s no secret that my palate is being severely deprived and my exposure to food has been grossly limited, but I’m trying!

It’s one of those things I’ve vowed to myself – expanding my exposure to the wonderfully, delicious world of food.  Food and I have a thing; a sexy, deep love for one another.  I would rather workout 6 days a week, than to ever tell myself I couldn’t enjoy a certain food.  So on my ginormous bucket list, are several food related things.  And when I say several, I mean it should have it’s own subcategory.

I’m letting you guys in for my discovery of all things delicious in hopes you’ll all decide to experience a little of something you’ve been curious about (legally of course! 😉 ) and so you see the crazy amount of things I’ve never tried before – it’s a LOOONNGGG list!

First up . . . a turkey sandwich.

Yes, you read that right.  Not only have I never tried a turkey sandwich, this was my first taste of mayo (though I’m sure this was Miracle Whip and not the real deal) AND . . . are you ready for it? . . .my first ever sandwich!!  Crazy huh??  I guess it could be considered my second as I have had grilled cheese sandwiches, but that’s not really a traditional sandwich.

I polled my Facebook peeps to see where they would recommend and they didn’t disappoint.  I tried a small deli (Breen’s Deli) and stuck firm with a traditional style turkey sandwich – turkey, dressing, and ‘mayo’ on white bread.

It was delicious, minus the mayo.  I just couldn’t get over the flavor there.  As you can see, it was loaded with delicious turkey and dressing (or stuffing if you prefer) and super fluffy bread that was incredibly fresh.

Maybe next time I’ll opt for cranberry sauce instead!

Much love



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