Glad to see you’re still with me and a huge welcome to any newbies!  I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks.  Things with our accident recovery took a downward turn, but things are finally starting to look WAY up!  YaY!!

While I’ve been raking up doctors appointments like subway tokens, I’ve been studying and writing up a STORM!  My GPA is looking much more like the numbers I’m used to and my doctors are FINALLY noticing progress and not simply maintaining pain management – YAHOO!!!!!

I won’t lie though, I’ve been suffering blog withdrawals.  I miss hearing from you guys and sharing with you as well!  There’s so much happening and I feel terrible promising to share with you details of lighting kits and new ideas and then going awol.  I’m terrible, I know.  But I’m back!  I swear, this time I’m grounded and SO beyond ready to hit the ground running for a very exciting year with you guys!  I have this cute little laptop and my beauty Kelly Moore bag, all set to go for my poor bum shoulder so I can take you with me everywhere.

I’ll be releasing my 2016/2017 pricing guides for April 1 (no April Fools!) and I’ll also be disclosing what’s happening with the lighting kit I purchased some 6 weeks ago!

Until then here’s a peek at the awesome job Peter Cottontail did this past Sunday – I must’ve been a good girl! 😉

Much love



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