Snow Day +Guru’s

To all of my wonderful clients who have taken the time to send along messages filled with concern and well wishes, I cannot possibly express to you, just how you made this girlie feel. To know that I have clients who reach far beyond the exchange of images is truly an amazing feeling.

I am SO happy to report that everything is clear and I can once again breathe easy. The last hurdle is to get clear of the lingering issues from our car accident some 5 months ago.  I’m working on it, but it’s been slow progress.  I decided to take a mixture of on campus courses and distance courses this semester, which I can honestly say was a great decision.  I am amazed at how much easier the courses are on campus and may switch to having all courses there for the upcoming summer.

It has made for a hectic schedule though.  On top of classes I have three days of physio treatments (weekly) that last about an hour to an hour and a half, bi-weekly doctors appointments (weekly when needed), assessments and then doctors/specialist appointments for my neck.  The OT I recently seen sympathized as she said it’s like a full time job.  I agree.  Most days I don’t get home until supper time and then I have 3 distance courses to tackle.  Can you imagine the rage I feel when someone tells me to enjoy my time off?

Side note though, my physiotherapist is a GURU!  Honestly.  He has gone above and beyond trying to get us back on our feet without causing us any additional pain.  He listens to my rants with a sympathetic ear and most days takes the pain away, if even for a short time.  There have been weeks when I look forward to our physio appointments more than anything else.  He is truly worth his weight in gold.  He has helped me with problems that other doctors were unable to even diagnose.  If any of my local peeps are looking for a new physiotherapist or not really getting satisfaction with your current one, I have three words for you; East Coast Physio.  Frank Knox is incredible at his job!

Now comes the advice.  These last 5 months have been a living nightmare.  I won’t sugarcoat anything, nor will I dramatize anything.  I am just passing along advice gained directly from experience.


Do NOT be satisfied with partial insurance and for the love of all that’s good in the world, definitely do NOT depend on your car insurance to cover you in an accident – I cannot stress this enough!!!  Even if the accident isn’t your fault; even if you have full coverage – it’s not enough!!

I know health insurance can be expensive.  I know car insurance can be expensive.  But when you are faced with losing everything you have worked so hard for, that money doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Every experience in life teaches us lessons, we just have to choose to learn from them.  This has taught me the dire need to be insured to the HILT from a company that will truly look after you.  Not one who simply uses it as a marketing line.  It has shown me the people who truly care.  Not the ones who only care when you’re useful.  It has made me stronger as a person.  Because I will no longer be vulnerable in the face of users nor will I ever be at the mercy of anyone again.

I have had clients – you guys – check in and offer more love, compassion and kindness than those who we previously called friends and family.  And that’s okay, truly.  But  I would be lying if I said it didn’t change me.  If my perspective hasn’t completely changed along with my determination to put us first.

So please, if you take nothing from this, take the need for FULL, FULL, FULL health insurance and the absolutely importance of putting yourself first.  I always thought it a cliche when I heard people tell you the importance of living your life for you, yadda, yadda, yadda.  I now fully understand.  I will no longer consider others when making life decisions.  I don’t mean your wife or husband (or significant other).  You are supposed to be team.  A team that will always do what’s best for each other and I am so grateful to say I have that.  I mean only to save you from that moment of absolute heartbreak when you realize that every single person (outside of your spouse) has failed you.

*deep breath* 😉

Now, all that said, let’s get to the good stuff!

I am taking bookings for 2016/2017 and they will be limited.  The structure of things have changed, but all for the better – for both myself as a photographer and you as a client!  You have given me an incredible 2015 season.  I have met some lovely people, grown as a photographer and even changed my career path!

I have purchased portrait lighting and going forward I will be focuses on newborns, children and family photography.  I do not have a studio which most of you already know.  So how am I going to be offering indoor sessions?  Oh how I can’t wait to share the details with you!  I won’t make you wait too long – things will be ready to roll within the next two weeks.

For now I’m off to enjoy a little Netflix while I finish two papers with a deadline of 11:59pm.  OH!  My fellow Good Wife fans – have you heard the heartbreaking news?  It’s been CANCELLED! I let out a heartbreaking “NOOOOO!!” when I heard the news.  I’m wondering how in the world they plan to tie it all up with just 9 episodes left?!  On a brighter note though – Grey’s Anatomy is back this week!  So very excited to see what’s happening with my favorite doctors!!

(Yes, tv is my study buddy!)


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