Chicken Soup + The Florricks

Well 2016 is certainly off to an interesting and busy start.  HOLY!  As many of you know, myself and Vic were involved in a car accident back in September.  Four months later we’re still plugging away at treatments and are still unable to return to work.  It makes for quite a hectic week juggling several weekly physio appointments, on campus classes, annual scans to ensure the thyroid cancer remains at bay, regular doctors appointments as set out by our insurance company and well life – the cooking, cleaning, studying, shooting etc.

I laugh when the ignorant folks make comments about how we have nothing to do.  No, nothing at all . . . this has been such a vacation . . . my god.  The last four months has caused a stress level I didn’t know was humanly possible.

But as always, we just plug away and pray for the day our bodies don’t scream in aches and pains by washing the dishes or carrying groceries.

I had such huge plans for January 1.  I started a photo challenge that had me picking up my camera every single day – it lasted a week.  I picked it back up today as I refuse to let a year go to waste due to a bad week.  By January 7, I was barely treading water.  With a book list of 19 books I was ready to tear my hair out.  Meanwhile I was watching other photographers jump in with both feet getting ready for the 2016/17 season.  Completely green with jealously wondering how smart it was to even attempt online classes with our current schedule.

So after my annual ultrasound incident (previous post), I took today for myself.  I sat and worked on my five year plan.  Yes, I do better with lists and accomplish great things when I have them to guide me.  Then I started working on a plan that would ensure I met my goals all while binge watching The Good Wife.  I mean hello; I’m a law junkie.  To the degree I looked into law schools, but nixed the idea when I realized I would never forgive myself for getting a guilty person off and the other forms of law I found quite dry at the time.

Alicia and Will.  Will and Alicia.  Ahhhh . . . they broke my heart in season 5; no I won’t spoil it for you slow pokes who have never watched – what are you waiting for?!?!

The day of goal setting, delicious homemade chicken soup with buttery flackie rolls and Netflix has somewhat restored me to proper mindset.  I now am off to grab a little Pepsi and hunker down to put the last little final touches to a session one of my clients have been anxiously awaiting.  Sunday’s are always a favorite of mine.  It’s a family day, filled with delicious comfort food, no work and it’s delivery day for sessions.  Honestly, the best day of the week.

So go poke around the site.  Check out the FAQ section, as well as the others and if you’re not already, follow me on Instagram (tonyar2012).

Much love xox

-T-File 2016-01-16, 5 23 59 PM


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