I never really had an appreciation for weekends.  Having worked in the retail industry for the better part of the past 11 years as well as pursuing my photography; weekends were some what of a novelty.  Something I heard those few speak about that were lucky enough to have that American Dream of a Monday to Friday work week.

It may be the American dream, but it was never really mine.

I’m a huge believer of taking Sundays off which I totally blame on the lack of Sunday shopping in my childhood combined with having a parent work in the construction industry in which that was their only guaranteed day off (if it didn’t snow!), but Saturdays were always kind of filled with the hustle of activities.

Even becoming a student again, I still didn’t get those infamous weekends off.  By attending school through distance courses, all of my exams and the majority of my assignments were all on Thursday/Friday evening or anytime on Saturday/Sunday.

This semester I thought it was time to cave to the urge of attending classes on campus.  It was something I’ve been thinking about for the last year and a half.  HOLY CRAP!  What a friggin whirlwind the last week has been.  Tuesday brought orientation.  I wasn’t going to go; I’ve been on campus several times, but wanted a refresher on the tunnel system – yes, our university has an underground tunnel system – AMAZING in the winter!  Wednesday morning brought with it the first day of classes.  I was totally unprepared for traffic and my usually parking place was a bust.  That combined with a track across campus three times, a combined book list of 19 books (yes, that 1-9, the number before 20) and a last minute change in assigned classrooms made for an interesting first three days.  OH!  Let’s not forget that we still have physio three days a week and the first assignment is due in just two days.

I was bug eyed and hurting from head to toe come Friday night.  I crashed early, looking forward to sleeping in past 6am and taking it easy with pain pills and ice/heat rotation.  Until I was woken up by said pain, unable to sleep much at all.  To stumble out the hall looking at a still twinkling Christmas tree.  Yup, that’s right, my Christmas decorations were still everywhere.  So, after taking several pain pills I gave ol Christmas the boot.  Then I paid dearly for the last few days.  Unable to find comfort in any position.

Today I was a blob on my couch.  Trying to finish up a session.

At 9:30 I called it a day.  I am hitting the hay early tonight, bracing myself for another very painful week, though I’m quite excited to see what it brings.  With 5 English courses, covering authors from before 1800 to present day, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting ride trying to keep up!  And physio – I swear I’m the only person I know who looks forward to physio appointments.  That man is a magician and the day I stop seeing him may just be the day my heart shatters!  I wish I was kidding, but he truly is amazing at what he does.  He gives me the illusion I’m still human and that alone right now is worth my excitement for M/W/F.

As my pillows call is getting louder, I’ll ask that you send along any positive vibes you can for Tuesday; I fill you on the details a little later, but it’s safe to say it’s a big and important day!

Much love!



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