Happy Birthday Miss G

You were just 2.

A little bundle of energy so full of spunk and personality.  You adored anything that sparkled, shared in my shoe addiction and loved fashion – yes, even as a toddler.

You shared your mom’s social butterfly personality and thirsted to be in the spotlight (true story!).  You would sing and dance your little heart out, always wanting to put on a little show.

And the talent.  Yes, I am biased and I’ll totally own that, but even the colorblind stranger can see how incredible you are and you just keep getting better everyday.  I won’t lie, you couldn’t slap the smile from my face the day you said you wanted to pursue your art.  For so long I felt like you would let it go by the wayside.  Never doing what made you happy; never letting so many people see your amazing talent.

And that moody teenage attitude; oh the attitude.  For me, if this makes sense, it makes you more of a person and less of a child.  You are years ahead of your age in intelligence and insight and it is making for some pretty interesting conversations.  I love hearing about the new interests and passions you’ve discovered – your adult personality is starting to take shape right in front of my eyes and I love it.  That attitude that drives your Mom and Dad absolutely crazy; wanting to strangle you – well that makes me smile.  Maybe it’s because I see a lot of me in you.  Maybe it’s because I’m a lot closer to your age than the rest of our family.  Whatever the case, you have me intrigued kid.  I can’t wait to see what comes next for you.

Today, as you officially enter the teenage years, know how proud we all are of you.  Know that even though your parents (and Uncle) may embarrass you endlessly, no one will ever love you more and know that I will never stop capturing your life and sharing – because your make me proud kid.  Being an aunt to you and your brother is one of my favorite things in the world and I as I share my life through my blog and Instagram, you can bet your ass you guys will be there.

So here’s to the happiest birthdays to start what is sure to be an amazing and incredibly fun filled 7 years.  My wish for you?  To have the courage to continue following your dreams – always.

Love you Miss G.


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