Happy New Year

Although, traditionally, Christmas doesn’t end until Old Christmas Day; our visiting/cooking etc ends with New Years Day dinner.  Turkey, ham, veggies – the works.  This year we changed it up a little and added a birthday cake – causing the need for elastic waistband.

Our little niece – I use the word little very loosely – was turning the big 1-3 tomorrow.  No longer a little girl, moving quickly and seamlessly into her teenage years.  So seamlessly, I still have to shake my head sometimes in wonder of when exactly it happened.  regardless, her first big birthday milestone was here and Uncle Vic decided the biggest cake we could find was in order.

So as we attempted to take a deep breath, hindered by food blocking the airways, I decided to break out the Rockband.  Because no one can turn down Rockband – even those stuffed like the New Year’s turkey.

Here’s a few snaps of how we spent our first afternoon of the year . . .







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