Thank You

As you get ready to celebrate the closing of the peripheral door on 2015, I want to send you all a very heart felt thank you.

From a girl who was hesitant on blogging, unsure if anyone would really even look at it, let alone read and follow each of my posts.  Last year (2014), the blog seen a few hundred views.  I was intrigued, but more than that, I just fell in love with my blog.  I love to write and this little place was all mine to write as I seen fit.  I could share my images, thoughts, fears and dreams.  Never too sure if anyone would read them, but still enjoying this little corner of the web that was all mine.

I have had multiple clients in 2015 that have actually brought up various posts throughout our sessions and I won’t lie, it made me smile while the little voice inside squealed away.  This year the blog has seen over 10 TIMES THE TRAFFIC!!  No lie.  My little slice of heaven; this little place of mine that I love dearly, it has been viewed several THOUSAND times!!

Thank you seems a little understated for how much I appreciate each of you, but I’m at a loss of adequate words.  So as we welcome in a new year; one that is so full of opportunity and promise, know that the moments you have spent with me here have played a vital part in what has made me want to not only continue the blog, but to grow professionally in the coming year.

After spending a year at university, absolutely miserable, I have decided to take a slightly different path.  One that will allow me to combine my love for writing with my love for photography – journalism.  I haven’t dropped out of school (which was totally a question from someone!), just changed majors 🙂

So in 2016 you will see the blogs continued growth and may notice a great deal more posts here.  I will start to incorporate my personal work in with my portraits as well.  I hope you all continue to follow along!

So here’s to a fantastic 2016.

I wish you all an incredible year filled with courage to follow your dreams.  I wish you a year of health and happiness with those who matter most and the strength to overcome any bumps along the way.

Much love.



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