T’was the week before Christmas . . .

“. . . while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads . . “

While there might not have been sugar plums dancing through my dreams, there was certainly something of beauty running through my head.

Kelly Moore.  Oh woman, there may not be a need for me to tell you how amazing your designs are, but I’m definitely going to share my love for them.  As a budding photographer, a Kelly Moore camera bag was like the holy grail.  No joke.  It’s kind of like dreaming of having a Canon 5D Mark III, but cuter.  And sadly out of my price range – until now.

When you start creating with your photography, equipment is always on the forefront.  If you have any extra pennies (or nickles now!), they go straight into new glass, more memory cards, updating your current equipment etc.  There’s always something to be had.

My birthdays and various occasions have turned into gift card filled days to my favorite camera store.  This past birthday was no exception.  But as I said, it was being saved for that beautiful Hope Diamond – a new Mark III.  Until the forces collided and fate decided it was time to make this girls dreams come true.

After our car accident in September, I was no longer able to carry my pretty little Jill-e bag.  She was a loyal bag, fitting all the necessary pieces I liked to have on me for portrait sessions.  Sadly though, she was heavy and my shoulder/neck decided it had had enough.

Having been taken off work, not being given a return date, money was tight.  Like t-i-g-h-t.  Always terrified to spend anything because we weren’t really sure when we would have more – a camera bag didn’t even register on the radar.

Until after one of many nights I sat surfing the net just dreaming of that beautiful new bag.  Longing to have the cute bag that would allow me to carry my camera, wallet and the like, but wouldn’t torture my neck and shoulders in the process.

Hold the phone – Kelly Moore was available at HENRY’S?!?!

After a mental struggle of justification and the edging on of my better half; I placed the order.


It was a special order, so it took a few weeks to arrive.  But lordy, she’s even more beautiful in person.

Here’s a little look see . . .







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