2015; You Have Been Amazing

As a child we all dream of what we’ll be as a grown up.  Many of us change our minds several times; the lucky ones know in their hearts all along.  I have large student loans that would prove I suffered from self doubt.  Can I really make this work?  In an industry that is SO saturated; SO competitive.  Did I want to be a little fish, in a HUGE pond??


The answer to all of those questions at one point or another, has been no.  But I have been fortunate.  I have had the courage to venture into different directions.  Try different things; study different things; DO different things.  It has allowed me to find passion where I didn’t know it existed.  It has also allowed me to see that I needed photography in my life.  I needed to see this dream through, as I have done for others.

Because capturing those wobbly first steps; sly impish grins; giggles that make their sides and my cheeks ache; the first glimpse of a personality that is much bigger than their little person – those are moments that make my heart swell.  I have watched children grow through my images.  And it is SO different seeing it captured in print.  Because if we honest, we forget.  We forget the tiny details.

So in 2015 I made the decision to build a solid portfolio.  Then, at year end, I would look through my work and make a decision based solely on that.

After a night of twisting and turning, I crawled out of bed as my alarm clock turned to 4:30am.  Plugged in my Christmas tree lights and opened my laptop.  With the first click, 2015 started to unfold in front of me.  I went through each session; each image; each post.

I smiled; laughed a little and even grimaced.

Granted there are things I would love to change, but the fact that I gave myself this chance isn’t one of them.

I will be continuing my photography journey for another year.

Things will be different.  I will be treating this as a business, not just a hobby that I happen to be passionate about.  I couldn’t understand how I wasn’t treating this as a business – having the background I do – until I was knee deep in a fellow photographers blog south of the border.

Her first step?  Her most important tip?  One of the first things they teach you in Business 101?


Which of course I wasn’t doing.  I was SO emotionally invested.  But it’s something I have worked on the last few months.  I have worked endlessly to get everything ready for 2016.  I have been constantly learning and growing, both personally and professionally which I was witness to as I looked back over the last 12 months.

I still have things to learn and a lot of room to grow.  But thanks to you, my clients, I have been able to grow a lot over this past year.  I have developed a personal style and have become comfortable, yet more determined.

Thank you; for an incredible year filled with unforgettable moments and the chance to let this dream blossom and flourish.

SO after that big mush fest, here is a look at a few of my favorites from 2015 – trust me – this is just a very small snippet.



And these; these are a few favorites from life in general – because I have fallen so far off the blog train, you haven’t seen a lot of these!


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