Trust Your Photographer!

People are commonly weary of shooting in early mornings, late afternoons/evening and in shade.  I think it’s simply been ingrained in us that we want those sunny, bright images.  The thing is – sitting in direct sunlight will NOT result in those warm, bright photos.  They will result in harsh lighting and a whole lot of squinting.

In the beginning, I would fold and give in to whatever the client wanted, but I’ve since had to stand my ground.  Gaining the trust of clients.  They would see images I have created and want their session to have a similar result.  Sure thing – I love and I continuously strive to maintain consistency in my work.  But, in order for me to garnish those results you so look for – I need you to trust me to do my job.  To know and see the lighting differently than you do.  You see shade as dark and dreary.  I see shade and notice the warmth seeping in the backlighting.  I will constantly stop as we walk and go, “Let’s try you right here”.  It’s not because I’m winging it or have no idea what I’m doing – it’s because I do.

Yesterday, after waking to a fresh little snowfall, I dressed and headed out to my absolute FAVORITE place to shoot.  Discovering hidden little gems I didn’t even know were there – and I shoot here A LOT! – and the lighting; ohmygosh!!!  Here’s a little taste of what I seen . . .




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