Well my immune system has just down right sucked this past couple of weeks!!  From a major allergic reaction to the stomach flu – my poor ol’ body was put through the ringer.  Thankfully, knock on wood/crossing my fingers and toes, all seems to be close to normal.  Thank GOD!  I’m back on steady feet just in time for my busiest two weeks of the season.  It’s jam packed with sessions, exams and the start of some holiday fun!

So please hang in there with me.  I know I’ve dropped the ball lately on the Christmas series and my poor blog here, but I’m human and there has been A LOT going on in my life.  And no, that’s not an excuse, just simply fact.  After hours of beating myself up over it, I realized that.  I’m simply human and I’m going to mess up sometimes.  Doesn’t mean I can’t pick that ball right back up and keep on bouncing!  Lame huh?  Blah!

Anywhooooo . . . I’m back trucking at a solid 100 miles an hour at the computer.  There will be blog posts, a winner chosen for the portrait session give away AND tons of beautiful images to be shared.  So keep with me.  I promise I won’t drop the ball again! 😉

Here’s a sweet little family I’m cluing up today for delivery . . . do you see that little tongue?  Such a little bugger!


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