You’ve Been Elfed!

Every year we love to figure out different ways to give a little extra around Christmas.  Vic dearly loves to give to the less fortunate.  I mean, sponsorship, toy drives, food bank, Happy Tree, Single Parents Association – if he can find it, he’ll support it.  His generosity is infectious and has made me fall even deeper in love with Christmas.  We start talking and planning early to mid summer and keep rolling out new ideas throughout the Fall.

But it isn’t just for non-profit organizations.  It’s about passing it on and paying it forward.  Realizing how sometimes, giving just even the littlest thing can cause the biggest impact.  Noticing when someone can use a little holiday cheer and being able to give them just that.

There’s SO many ways in which you can pay it forward.  To give someone a little lift when they need it most.  That’s where I balance Vic out.  I’m the mushy, emotional half, while he’s the generous, giving half.

In past years there have been Secret Santa gifts; 12 days of Christmas and the latest – ‘You’ve Been Elfed!’.

These are not huge financial gifts.  They’re little presents loaded with thought.  It’s simply taking a little time and figuring out a gift (or few) that are meaningful and let the other person know that someone’s thinking about them – TRULY – thinking about them.  My favorite part of doing this, is it being unexpected and (hopefully) a secret.  I don’t do it for recognition; I do it to give someone a little joy and maybe a little hope.

If the thought of any of these things intrigues you – GOOD!  Paying it forward has such a huge impact.  It’s infectious and contagious – it’s wonderful!  The ‘You’ve Been Elfed’ has become a new little favorite of mine.  It’s so simple and SO MUCH FUN!

If you have Pinterest, you can find a huge variety of little poems that you can print off or create you own little tags.  They read something like this:

You've Been Elfed

(available on

Isn’t it the cutest?!  I can’t wait to give it a go this holiday season and I’d love to see a little chain reaction.  The next time you’re in a store or doing a little browsing, keep your mind open.  I’ll be out running errands and will spot a little something in the most random of places that will remind me of someone, so I’ll grab it.

Give it a go this holiday season, be it for one person or a few.  You’re not only going to make someone’s day, you’ll be left with a fabulous feeling!


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