Google; How I Love Thee . . .

If you follow me on social network, you’re probably already aware of my love of anything Kate Spade.

I was in my GLEE last year when I came across a new line of Kate Spade planners at Chapters.  I drove all over the city looking for the right pattern – yes, I’m that picky about my planner – and settled on a beautiful large cream planner with signature Kate Spade gold polka dots.  I was in love.

Until recently, when it turned into a traitor and was no longer able to hold everything I needed to put in there.  Between school, sessions, appointments and life – it was like it started to laugh at me – ever so taunting.

And then yesterday.  Oh my god, I hated my own company yesterday.  I felt so overwhelmed and so disorganized.  I’d say I was like a bear with a sore head, but I think I would’ve even scared the bear.  I was on the verge of tears and low and behold – Google Calendar appeared.  Oh. My. LORD.  Google never disappoints and it certainly didn’t last night either.

I have a new, unlimited, color-coded planner that is available to me on my phone, laptop and office desktop.  I am in HEAVEN!  And the best part?!  I was able to see in a split second where my free time was.  I was able to better balance the litany of appointments, assignments and work.


I was able to open up extra spaces for sessions!!!!

Exciting right?!  I will be finishing sessions for the year on December 5, 2015.  Between now and that Saturday, I’ve opened up several sessions spaces, but you’ll want to connect me as soon as possible because I have been getting requests daily for session spaces and beyond the new openings, I will NOT be able to take on anymore!

And because every post is better with pictures . . . have you seen precious little Brady?!  He has stolen the hearts of so many in his short little life so far!

(Don’t worry Mommy, it’s Brady’s turn; you’re wait is almost over!)

 160-2 (2)

Brady (2)


248 (10)

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