The Golden Hour

Well it’s been an interesting end to the week.  It was time to erase the evidence of the accident from my baby (aka our 2014 Honda Civic).  Yes I baby my car.  Yes I get laughed at all the time, I’ve accepted that.  I was excited to get her back to her former near flawless state, but I won’t lie, I have major trust issue with people that handle my car.  But off she went and we were given a rental – oh – my – gosh.  I won’t get into the customer service; how we were made to wait when we weren’t supposed to; the complete lack of customer service and professionalism; the extra day they charged us – yet to be dealt with – or how much I absolute didn’t like this car, I’ll just say I was seriously like an uber excited 5 year old little girl on Christmas morning when I was dropped off to pick up my car yesterday.  The mechanic had quite the laugh at me and the office crew all perked up at my excitement.

After close inspection, little love and momentary sigh of contentment – I fell deeper in love with Honda.

Now that I’ve made you roll your eyes and maybe chuckle . . .

It’s not often I get to shoot at dusk, but gosh do I love it so.  The light is so soft and the sky is stunning.  Thanks to us having to reschedule due to Mary Poppin style winds (and rain!), I got to do just that with Laura and her sweet family.

The level of cuteness was crazy on Tuesday.  The roars, giggles and puppy kisses absolutely made this girls day.  My cheeks ached from smiling – honest!  Laura and Ryan have such an awesome little family . . . I’ll let you see for yourself . . .

040-2 (2)


093-4 (2)

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